My boss bought a trousers

Last week my boss and I look around a market,appreciating the scenes nearby,we were interrupted by “hellos” of shop assistants.

Then my boss stopped at a shop,he took out a trousers and were saying something to the assistant,but to my surprise,the girl stopped my boss after a glance at my boss,”sorry,we have no size you need.”

My boss is tall and fat,it is really hard to match him,I was a little embarrassed,but to my more surprise,my boss said definitely:I do need this trousers!

Oh,my god,a play is coming up?

“If you do need this trousers,you must wait for half a month,we must order the biggest size from headquarters in Shanghai.”The girl said at last.

“Well ,just order it.”

The story shocked me a lot,in our daily life,we are always troubled by the assistants’ sale suggestion,but they never realised refuse sometimes is a better way for sales,for people are easy to cherish the things that are very rare.

I told this story,do you think it can do someting for you?I think it can also do good for your online shopping.

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my ways for shopping

Yesterday, I was responsible for the activities of several shopping centers in Wuchang order, visit one day, the evening went on to visit the World Trade Wuhan-Guangzhou and SOGO

First talk about the status of yesterday!

1, the group sent two hundred two hundred full of light activity is really quite good, do a group photo every year, the brand’s participation is high, then send coupons coupons is very smooth, there are many brands usually are not discounted participation;

2, the same brand in different shopping malls in fact efforts are similar activities, such as shoes, the mall is 200 to send 200, the mall is 100 to send 100, and then some shopping malls are 5 fold, there are 38 by 21, Finally must register similar, then such as South commoner, all shopping centers are 8 fold, 55 fold Intime, Intime is older, N months ago, making it 55 fold

Of course there are different individual brands, such as cosmetics, Asian trade is received coupons, Intime is a direct discount, this can only buy goods according to how much you decide where to buy the most cost-effective, and, Giordano, yesterday the Large shopping malls are 65 fold, the group sent just 200 200,, individual brands vary;

3, and finally, we are shopping to compare the overall activities, such as the WTO, returned yesterday to two hundred thousand, that a fixed discount to those buying the brand is very cost-effective, ah, also took part in the warm love back to two hundred thousand and very cost-effective
SOGO, before Christmas, over 3000 sent to 1000, if you shop well in advance preparations, but also very cost-effective

Discount Shopping sweep every Friday, has been more than a year, I also summarize some experience out hope that they can be a reference to shopping!
For reprint, please indicate the source, this is my respect, thank you!

This summary is just pure personal experience, does not represent any position
Also, is there a certain time of a brand to the different companies operating, her strategy will be different, the discount will show different

Year, when the most aggressive discount!
1, shopping malls anniversary, when the anniversary each year, shopping malls will have big promotional efforts
For example: This year’s anniversary of Wuhan-Guangzhou, Wu anniversary of the Group are the major efforts of promotion, some even more than Christmas, there are groups of light, the anniversary of Commercial Plaza Great efforts Duman
Anniversary of major shopping centers in Wuhan Summary

2, every year in July, the first wave of big money is the intensity of the summer discounts, the discount during the summer, the product of the style and size is the most comprehensive
For example: Last year and this year are early July, ONLY VEROMODA Jack Jones, took horse, ESPRIT other half of the amount the audience, including clothing owned by those who love the brand will also send 100 of 200 events
The first wave of money is safe in winter before the holiday, and then discount will generally continue until the New Year;

3, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, is known to prime shopping period, many brands have this Festival, started preparing for the spring models, so, will participate in promotional activities to the last wave
Mall common activities:
200 200,95% of light to send groups to participate in the brand
SOGO Christmas shopping will be made in advance recharge voucher, and then further reduction is Christmas or other value-added; the WTO is a discount and then back to 200 over 1000, in the brand 90%; South China Guangdong is the number of discount coupons and then sent over the number of cosmetics will be received vouchers to participate; Ocean Wangfujing how much money will be accumulated and then back to shopping card; In addition, the mall will have to send things such as how much money
4, May, November, these solar terms, personal promotional efforts that will not be quite old, so to speak, new autumn and winter are generally started at the end of 8, the November sales period is the new gold
May, also is almost the new gold sales of spring and summer to catch up
But, this festival, the mall gift ah like to be more and more cost-effective than usual to buy or

5, weekend, and now there will be some shopping habits, weekend shopping, or to send gift vouchers and the like to always pay more, such as some cosmetics, discount shopping malls, on the weekend
Anyway, buy a day weekend is never a disadvantage than usual to buy

What brand are not discounted, then a few times a year discount! Not to be missed!
1, watches cosmetics
Generally do not usually have discount watches, anniversary or at the mall at Christmas time, there will be 8-fold when the audience last year and this Christmas, the Citizen Bank of Thailand and Asia Trade, Tissot is the Overall 8 break;

Cosmetics are also divided into first-line, second line, third line
In general, the Wuhan-Guangzhou and group photo of cosmetics has never been a discount, but in the anniversary celebration, or November, the Christmas period, will increase the intensity of free gifts
Then in the second and third tier brands: Olay, An Shangxiu, Oubo Lai, Natural Church, association where, E Perrin, Dream makeup, Lange, etc. Occasionally, the audience will be 8 fold, 8 fold fewer opportunities Lange, the other 8 off brand or find many opportunities
Regular discount cosmetics shopping are: South, Intime, SOGO, Wangfujing, but this brand of cosmetics shopping 4 less

2, leather goods brand
Wuhan, leather goods brand odd little discount
Apart from some sporadic sale usual, the counter activity is generally not less than 8 fold
Like women in leather FION, Disang Na, Meiji, high U.S. high
Male leather Hebrews, Di Long, JEEP, Hush Puppies, usually around half a small discount
In my impression, only Christmas Eve, Christmas shopping will participate in activities
Activities of discount is 8 fold,
When will attend the anniversary event by now

3, Shao Shunv loaded
The positioning of women, relatively speaking, is the largest discount
Thursday Island rarely discounted, there is a weekend in July saw the audience 8 fold
Southern Dream, is not seen a discount, only at Christmas time to participate in such reduction is Fanquan
Are generally in the Shopping Centre
4, mature ladies boutique
The positioning of the women are generally the third floor in the market, as we are very familiar with the Brother brother, AMASS, Fei Nidi, London slave, OTT, EIN, exceptions, and so are the little discount
Many of the third floor of a small discount women Duman, but also the pull of the few to participate in shopping activities, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Activities such as shopping malls and more only when more things that gift back

5 Men
Like Satchi, JEEP, is quite small discount, but at Christmas there will be 8 fold, or to participate in shopping activities

5, footwear
I mean, this category is not clear, because I always thought ah, now priced shoes pretty scary, very common brands of shoes is the seven eight hundred
Boots is the thousands, why ah
Generally half of the amount of shoes can make a start, and I remember him her shoes, I have concerns about N times, each time changing the pattern to do activities, the best time is only 45 fold

Also, I thought relapse

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Christmas in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, you realize Christmas almost everywhere in Hong Kong Go. Stores are of colored lights and wire submerged. Christmas music are both sacred and secular is to enter the station, shopping malls and government buildings pipeline. Euphorbia cheaper than in North America. Last Christmas, the Seventh plant boarded the lobby of my apartment building. In the school where I donated a hundred poinsettia to decorate our parents showed seven different Christmas music concert staged theater.

            Christmas decoration shopping malls in Hong Kong spend millions of dollars, with each other to create the most extravagant display of contention. Fashion, Christmas decorations this year in Hong Kong, the hot color was purple. Into a shopping mall, in beautiful and luxurious decoration, each string was covered with purple, said: “It looks like Christmas throw in here.” Is indeed in the South China Morning Post letters editor the right decorative After Christmas, the money wasted on regret and decorations created when garbage is thrown away after the holidays amount.

        Hong Kong is a more than 150 years to celebrate Christmas and other British colonies to become a tradition. This festival is mainly land plots and inspired Christmas who knows a little Chinese man. Since 1997, Hong Kong became part of China, the main land over the border in droves to Hong Kong in December to listen to carols, candy canes surrounded them, sitting on Santa’s knee, to the Nutcracker Ballet, at Christmas retail shops and marvel at the Christmas lights, covered from top to bottom almost all the skyscrapers in Hong Kong harbor. Their visits to Hong Kong Disneyland and the Disney Christmas parade viewing. One of the buildings, I live in a wing of the hotel, and up to a dozen busloads of Chinese tourists to check in every night in December. AM to 06 pm, I leave for my morning walk to work, they are sober, lined up waiting their turn to have their photos taken at the Christmas tree decorated with text sagging under the weight of the hall. It has carefully arranged below it dozens of holiday gifts.

        Not many Hong Kong families gathering for Christmas. This saved the Spring Festival, when up to 15 days of holidays for a long time, to see their loved ones free of charge. Chinese New Year is when gifts are given. My students have begun to speculate how much money they will collect the envelopes and their parents, relatives and friends will introduce the Chinese New Year to them. Christmas shopping in Hong Kong, but not really gifts. Almost all shops, restaurants, theaters, shopping centers open and 25 December 1 January.

       Less than 3 million people in Hong Kong 700 million claim over a million is not the relationship between faith and these are Buddhist or Taoist, only five million are Christians. Christmas is only a very small number of population as a religious holiday celebrations. I suspect that the hearing will be a taxi station or grocery store in the OUT line check Tsui Hark herald angels sing most of the old town of Bethlehem people who do not know what lyrics.

       Christmas is definitely one in Hong Kong that the commercial holiday. Although you can say for sure that ‘looks like Christmas in Hong Kong in its December, Christmas is not the same as in North America.

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Hello world!

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